NOMA ノーマの発酵責任者であるデイヴィッド・ジルバー氏が退職

NOMA ノーマの発酵責任者であるデイヴィッド・ジルバー氏が退職

世界一のレストランに4度選ばれるという快挙を成し遂げたNOMA ノーマで発酵に関する調理の責任者として働いていたDavid Zilber デイヴィッド・ジルバー氏が退職したそうです。

5年以上の期間をNOMA ノーマで過ごし、René Redzepi レネ・レゼピ氏との共著であり発酵に関する書籍のバイブルとしても知られているThe Noma Guide to Fermentationを出版するなど多大な活躍をしてきたDavid Zilber デイヴィッド・ジルバー氏。


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Dynamic range is a concept I’m going to borrow from the worlds of music and photography; both worlds of waves. Today is my last day at Noma. ⠀ I came to Noma over half a decade ago “a willing student”. I’m leaving as a teacher, and inspiration to so, so, many. I’ve achieved more in 6 years than most chefs hope to in a lifetime. But it’s still time for me to pack my knives and say “What’s next?” You see, for all the accolades, press, or ability to act the scribe and carry the work of dozens of brilliant minds on my shoulders, those highs aren’t without their lows. ⠀ Dynamic range is the ratio between the highest and lowest values assumed within a medium. It’s a reference when dealing with the audio compression needed to encode a symphony to silicone, or a photo of a rushing waterfall to film. The thing about it though—be it in a piece or a picture—is that once you reach the highest highs, the blackest blacks, the brightest whites or the basest lows, you can never go back. The valleys and mountains are indelibly written into the medium, and forever serve as markers for the extremes. ⠀ But what does that mean to a life? The constant pressure and endless work needed to be the best in my city, my country, or even the world, is something I’ve fed off and suffered through for the entirety of my career. It’s been a drive that has propelled me to the greatest peaks and troughs. To endure things I’d never thought I’d put up with all to see, the curious adventure seeker I am, just how wide I could stretch my range. ⠀ ⠀ The pandemic has shown me that much of what I’ve valued is built on shifting sand. True value doesn’t come from without, but within. And when the world feels the crunch of motions beyond the pale, you get time to consider what that truly means. I may be a fool for leaving one of the best jobs in the world in a crisis but I have faith in my ability to put my abilities to the very best of use. How? I’m not quite sure yet. But I know it will be more meaningful, more potent, more true than ever. I’ve spent a life trying to become the best in the world. Now I want to see how good I can be at being the best me. I'll stay curious if you will.

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NOMAでの経験や体験と共に強い意志を持って前に進もうとするDavid Zilber デイヴィッド・ジルバー氏。別の投稿ではNOMAでの仕事はとにかく凄かった、あの場所やチームのみんなに会えないのは寂しいと語ってます。